We’re coming up with some Weirder Stuff…

After an eventful and busy year last year, PVC Pipedream is moving forward with a Parody Musical of Stranger things and implementing it into a mask club. A mask club will be about a forty five minute version of the full length two hour musical and it will happen on one day only, February 14th during the afternoon in the Nelke Theatre at the Harris Fine Arts Center.

What changed from our original plan?

Our staged reading in April of 2018 was very successful and we received a lot of feedback from our audience. We had over 140 people come to our two performances, in which we were very impressed and overwhelmed by. We asked for audience feedback and handed out forms seeking advice and how we could improve our musical. We received a lot of great feedback from questions to plot to purpose. After meeting with several BYU theatre faculty, it was decided that we would proceed forward with our musical as a mask club instead of a full production musical. Also due to some issues with original satirical content, we decided to re brand to “Weirder Stuff: A Parody Musical”.

We are tremendously grateful and happy for those who have supported us this far in our journey. We are grateful for the many friends, family, faculty and others who have contributed their support, either through ideas or in other monetary means, we cannot do this without our audience and those who support the arts. THANK YOU!