About us and Weirder Stuff: A Parody Musical

It all began with four Freshmen at Brigham Young University with a dream to create original theatre. One year, an original script, and a lot of people later, we have more than achieved that dream. Our shortened version of “Weirder Stuff: A Stranger Things Musical Parody” will be performed February 2019. Our next big project is TBA and is scheduled to be performed April 2020.

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About PVC Pipedream

October 2017, The Beginning

It all began as a question.

December 2017, The Draft

Getting a team together of script writers, technical director, stage manager and composers.

April 2018, The Staged Reading

After several long and hard months, an entire two hour staged reading took place with a auditioned cast.

February 2019, Mask Club and More!

Stranger Things: A Parody Musical is becoming Weirder Stuff: A Parody Musical. This show is taking place February 28th.


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